‘JA Back to School’ aims at bringing National Members of the Parliament (MPs) and Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) Back to School. The intent is to have policy-makers across Europe (re)connect with schools in their country and witness entrepreneurship education in action. 

The following activities are organised in cooperation with national JA offices across Europe: 

  • Visits to a JA class in action in a primary or secondary school 
  • Participations as jury member in JA competitions. 
  • Participation in JA Innovation camps and JA Marketplace.

Europe’s competitiveness and youth employment continue to suffer and we see ever-deepening education budget cuts. We seem to have lost touch with the economic potential in our classrooms. 

‘JA Back to School’ invites policy-makers at national and EU-level to help us increase the uptake of entrepreneurship education in Europe and make Europe more entrepreneurial!

  • Advocate that entrepreneurship education should be endorsed in the national curricula from ABC to PhD, as a skill for life and work. 
  • Endorse the Entrepreneurial Skills Pass (ESP) for upper secondary school students and Vocational Education and Training (VET).
  • Celebrate the most entrepreneurial schools.
  • Promote more partnerships between schools and business/industry. The more interactions while at school, the fewer unemployed young people.


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