Entrepreneurship Education

“Investing in entrepreneurship education is one of the highest return on investment Europe can make.”

European Commission, 2013

Evidence shows that Entrepreneurship Education leads to higher employability, improved entrepreneurial skills and attitudes (creativity, tenacity, initiative,…) and enhanced intentions to start a business. Also, evidence suggests that a stronger entrepreneurial culture in schools leads to higher engagement of teachers, and intensified engagement of stakeholders.

Young people who have participated in entrepreneurship programmes are 5 times more likely to start their own business than those who have not. They are also less likely to drop out or be unemployed, and more likely to earn higher incomes and be satisfied with their careers.



JA Europe is calling on businesses and policy-makers to increase investment and support of entrepreneurship education, so that together we can prepare and inspire young people to succeed in a global economy.

  • JA provides programmes and teacher-training from ABC to PhD. 
  • Since 2002, 44M young people have participated in JA programmes.
  • JA trains over 120,000 teachers annually across 30,000 European schools.
  • JA partners with more than 5000 businesses in Europe and involves over 165,000 business volunteers.
  • JA alumni are less likely to be unemployed, they earn more on average and start 50% more businesses later on than non-JA students.

Under the European Entrepreneurship Education NETwork (EE-HUB), 22 MEP Ambassadors are committed to stimulate further developments and make policy recommendations that will help increase the uptake of entrepreneurship education across Europe. The MEPs ambassadors have committed to endorse and promote recommendations of EE-HUB experts through their policy work. 

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