In Action


Our Community
(Primary School)

Students learn how communities work, basic economics, the roles people play and how money “moves”. They discuss what can be done with a vacant shop space in the city square and move into the principles of decision-making in a group.
Economics for Success
(Middle School)

Students understand their role in society and the economy as consumers, tax payers, investors and borrowers. They also learn about risk and insurance. They evaluate their career options based on their skills, interests and values.
It's My Business
(Middle School)
Students learn about entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship. They practice critical thinking and problem-solving, learn basic business principles and concepts. The program can also include an entrepreneurial project. 
The JA Company Programme & Entrepreneurial Skills Pass
(Secondary School)
Students create their own venture taking their own idea from conception to reality. Working as a team, managing all aspects of the business including raising capital, production, marketing and finance, they culminate the year by participating in competitions. The Company Programme also has a European competition for the national winners in each country each July.
Entrepreneurial Skills Pass (ESP) is the first pan-European entrepreneurship certification given to successful students who complete the Company Programme, pass a self-assessment test and a final knowledge and skills test.
Innovation Camps
(Various Age Groups)
Extra-curricular: Students are put together in mixed teams—usually with students they do not know—and given a real world business or social challenge. They are taught ideation techniques, provided with access to technology, advice from to expert mentors. At the end of the day, they present their solutions to a jury. 
Leaders-for-a-Day or Job Shadow Day
(Varying Age Groups)
Extra-curricular: Students are partnered for one day with a professional. These professionals come from a diverse number of sectors and industries. The intent is to expose young people to the real working world and the skills, behaviors and attitudes required. 

The JA Start Up Programme

Students create a viable business concept that can become a real start-up. Linked with several different micro-financing schemes and international competitions in different sectors. There is an annual national competition in each country and a European one each July. 


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